by Sidney R. Smith

           I started my life in this world December 22, 1949 in NYC. Around the same time, between 1949 and 1950, some people with specially-received writings arrived in New York City from Latvia by way of Germany after World War II – Alexander Homics and his family in July 1949, soon thereafter Alexander Upenieks and his family, and in late 1950 Mary and Janoss Mezins with their son Nick.

           The writings they brought with them are not of human origin. In mid-1943 Mary Mezins had gotten together with another woman and tried to communicate with spirits who might have some answers as what was happening during the chaos of WWII. What happened was a series of communications started coming through from entities who identified themselves as spirits working with God and imparted information in relation to the workings of the Universe, including the planet Earth, the development of matter, and the spiritual nature of humankind. A core group developed comprised of Alexander Upenieks, Alexander Homics, and Mary and Janoss Mezins. These messages/tidings continued after the group reassembled in New York and continued to be written down; the last message came through in 1971. Alexander Homics translated them when he retired and started publishing them, though sadly died after two volumes and a related book.

           Eventually I would come across the first book by Alexander Homics, and would also come to meet his daughter Maya Homics, and Nick Mezins – the son of Mary and Janoss Mezins. Sometime after Alexander Homics’s death, Nick Mezins had started translating the material and is in the process of having the whole series published.

           But first something about my life’s journey that led me to these messages/tidings….

           Throughout my life I lived with what I thought and understood to be the meaning of life. I lived in foster care for most of my early years during which my perception of love, care, compassion, and spirituality were developed through my natural thinking process. My indoctrination to a religious belief never happened through a traditional or conventional standards.

           My youth included feelings of despair, anguish, dread, and horror of God which led me to believe in my own perceived truth about life. God had become a figure of hatred, vengeance, and wrath preoccupied with sending certain members of humanity to Heaven or to an everlasting Hell. Later in my life after experiencing the circumstances of life and feeling the need of a unified and loving humanity, I thought to explain my idealization of what I thought was necessary for humanity to reach a level of peace and love.

           I took on a mission to find what I considered to be what mankind needed to do to achieve love, peace, happiness, and harmony for all. I hired a company to research the contacts for certain world leaders that included Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Queens.

           I wrote a series of letters to prominent people in the professional fields of politics, communications media, technology, industries, medicine, corporations, science, and academia. My final list comprised of some 3,500 names located throughout the world and I hired a mailing service to send out this correspondence.

           Then the editor of my letters gave me a box of books containing religious thoughts and opinions by other authors. While examining these books there was a “eureka!” moment –a book entitled “Messages to Mankind” [from The Almighty and His Spirits] by Alexander Homics. This was my introduction to a “New Spiritual Insight.” Many spirits communicated and transmitted messages/tidings from God meant for humankind. Of course these spirits with no bodies were communicating with spirits that were incarnated in human bodies. They also had duties to help in humankind’s development in the Universe and on our planet Earth.

           In Alexander Homic’s book he addressed many questions that I had about God and life, and allowed me to understand new answers to my questions. What stood before me now was how to begin this new mission in life. I wanted to transmit this information to all humankind.

           So, for thirteen years I studied these messages and wanted to meet the envoy Alexander Homics and convey my belief in them. In 1993 I found out that he lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. However there was no contact information, so I decided to drive to his residence from mine in Annandale, Virginia. Once I got to his home I discovered that he had passed away many years ago in 1982.

           My journey and mission seemed to have come to an abrupt end. Then it occurred to me to acquire a copy of his death certificate with the hopes a surviving relative was listed in the document. This is where I found his daughter’s name, Maya Homics, living in New York City.

           I found her telephone number and contacted her, explaining my faith in these messages in her father’s book, and she put me in touch with her cousin, Nick Mezins. He had recently published a book entitled “Revelations: The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity” with excerpts from the messages/tidings. Afterwards he had started publishing the whole series of messages/tidings in a series of six volumes under the title “The Tidings.” Volume Four of “The Tidings” series will be coming out sometimes in 2015.

           So, for the past 36 years since I discovered these revelations and for the past 21 years after contacting Maya Homics and Nick Mezins, I have been working to transmit this information to the public. I was inspired to publish a book about my journey: “Search for the Promised Land: How to Bring Science and Religion into Harmony” (2000, CeShore Publishing) – out of print, though available by contacting me (See Reading Materials). I also published a second book in 2005: “Supplementology: Combining Religion and Science” (Trafford Publishing) in which I wrote about certain topics further.

           The new spiritual insight is provided so that everyone can gain a new outlook of spirituality and the understanding of man’s purpose in life and why our Universe came to be.

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